August 25, 2009

Ana please be with me !

So here's some pictures of my current bod. It was a little bonier before my terrible binge last night but you can still see my hip bone :) even though I have to try a little harder. (Ahh no ribs yet but I'm working on it !)I got the idea from the beautiful Ana's Girl. I thought it would be better to post some before I start ABC all over again. I'm fasting today and tomorrow as punishment for the binge. Then I'm starting a new ABC diet calorie plan that I've posted new in the left side bar under my "Countdown to Perfection" which is also new :)

Anyways today's fast is going really well. I've had like 748931 bottles of water and a little bit of chicken which I chewed and spit out. I feel really good about this. I won't break ABC this time. Its too important to me. Plus this is my first serious binge since I became pro-ana again and I forgot how it feels to fuck it up. (NEVER AGAIN!) It may be a little rough this next week because I'm starting my period :/ and I crave like everything !! Wish me luckk and stay strong !

food log for today:
-water.... 0 cals (:


  1. Awww! You called me beautiful :) Thanks, darling. I'm loving your hipbones, and i can totally tell that you're on your way to seeing ribs! Keep it up!

  2. u look gorgeous! u r totally a thinspiration for me! keep up the good work!
    <3 Pi

  3. ahh I'm jealous of your hip bones (: good work!