August 24, 2009

ABC day 2 - 300 calorie day

I know I said today was gonna be a 400 calorie day but yesterday I finished off with some chocolate. And I think I went a littttle over my 500 calories for the day, but not too bad. My dad cleaned the family room and picked up the wrapper before I had a chance to see the calories so I don't really know by how much. And honestly I don't wanna know. All I know is that I didn't eat enough to gain weight (in fact I lost weight!) so it doesn't really matter to me. Knowing how much I failed will just make me mad. I already feel bad enough about it so instead of beating myself up about it, I'm just gonna take off from my calorie allowence for TODAY. What's really weird is that I'm not even hungry today. I think its because I can't shake my guilt for yesterdays chocolate but for some reason I just don't wanna eat anything. Haha but I HAVE been really thirsty but thats okay. My favortie drink of all time is Fresca and my dad always has it around the house. Bonus? It happens to be exactly 0 calories per can (:

Anyways the only reason I had chocolate yesterday (not like an excuse will change anything but...) was because I was hanging out with a guy I've always thought was reaaallly cutee yesterday and we went to the store and he asked me to get whatever I wanted (he's the younger brother of a family friend of ours and he was over at my house all afternoon and evening while my dad and his gf were at work but anyways) I knew that was my death sentence. I just CRAVED chocolate so without thinking I got it not sure if I was actually going to eat it or not. Well what could I do? He fed it to me with his cute little face. It melted me. [ahh im so weakk]. Anyways also that night we ended up making out haha so it wasnt that horrible of a night (: but thats more thinspiration to get skinny. I didn't even know he was attracted to me. But I must be little and cute for him to look at! LOL but yeah thats all for now. I'll prob post again later but I'm about to leave to go somewhere so thats all for now. I'm STAYING STRONG today. lol even though I'm not even hungry.

Today food log (so far) :
-fresca.... 0 cals
-12 wheat thins.... 100 cals
total : 100 cals ---- left: 200 cals


  1. awe well i think chocolate was definitly ok since you got to make out with him lol. boys are bad influences

  2. Omg! I totally would not have been able to resist chocolate fed to me by a cutie either. i don't think ANYONE could! But good idea with taking it off today's allowance. Good luck, sweetie!