August 18, 2009

First BLog Post

So today I decided to start a blog to better keep tract of what I eat. Also, I tend to keep on my diet better if I get tips and inspiration from other people. SO FOLLOW MY BLOG! haha. anyways here's some background on my eating habits. I tend to do really good for like a day and I slowly slip back to my old ways after. This is the longest streak I've ever had and so far I've lost 5 pounds! I've been on a really strict ABC diet since Sunday and I feel really good right now. Check it out:

(keep in mind I was at a family party and I was forced to eat)
-couple bites of mac & cheese
-two small meatballs
-small piece of cake (ugh i know :/)

-like 7 chick-fil-a nuggets and some fries
-some iced tea

Tuesday (today)
-slice of provolone cheese
-3 chick-fil-a nuggets
(hopefully I can control myself for the rest of the day)

Anyways that's pretty good for me. But I plan to get more strict! I've prob had a little less than 400 cals today and I'm aiming to do a fast tomorrow. If I absolutely have to crack, then I'll stay under 300 (: thanks for reading my first blog posttt Wish me luck !


  1. good job. you can do it. just fill up on popcorn lol. its so filling and only like 100cal a bag! as long as u dont load it with butter. and it keeps u full for most of the day. plus its delicious lol. you can do it!

  2. Good luck, dearie. I'm sure you'll do fantastic. I've found out that i do much better since i started blogging.