August 24, 2009

Forgive Me !

So the dinner did NOT go like I planned. I've had so much self control these past couple days but this killled it. I can't even make this that long cuz I have to go to bed like now because I have a lot of running to do in the morning... wow I can't believe how much I had. I just couldn't stop. I totally let myself down. I was so upset afterwards because I could just feel the fucking ball of food in my stomach I even considered a dear visit to Mia. I really tried but I couldn't get anything out. What the hellll ! I swear I'm fasting of two days for this then I'll try again. I'm so serious... FAT is not acceptable. Anyways I'm not giving my food log for today because the food flew into my mouth so fast I honestly don't even know to be honest. Stay strong !! (haha i know im not one to talk)



  1. its okay sweetie, we all have our binge days... i'm sure u'll exercise it off tomorrow...
    <3 Pi

  2. Sometimes it's really hard for me not to binge on the second day of ABC too. Don't worry; the fast will fix it far better than Mia could have. And don't be too hard on yourself. You had no choice but to eat to begin with, and once you start eating, it's super-hard to stop. Stay strong from now on. You'll be ok.