August 24, 2009


First of all I need quick tips on what to do about dinner. I mean my dads girlfriend is making some chicken stuff for dinner right now and I can only have 200 calories. I obviously know I to eat as little as possible to stay under my limit for the day but I also need some tips on how to hide food or make it seem like I'm eating more. ANYTHING that'll work. It's 9:00 pm right now and I've managed to stay at 100 calories for the day and I can't screw it up. TIPS PLEASE !

Anyways besides that I went to the mall today. HUGE thinspiration. Every other fucking girl there was sooo thin... or at least thinner than me :( anyways maybe another post later tonight but dinners gonna be ready soo i gtg. TIPS TIPS TIPS !

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  1. Get salad and hide some food under a big lettuce leaf. Or eat a baked potato and leave the skin, then flip the skin over and hide some stuff under there. Push your food around, poke at it and play with it. Slip some into your napkin. Ask for sauces and stuff so it seems like you're eating a lot... All the classics. You'll do just fine.