August 22, 2009

Good Old Day of Fasting (:

As I said yesterday, I'm going on a fast today and its going really well so far. No harsh cravings which is good. Ugh besides my sister eating chicken wings with creamy ranch - my favorite - right next to me. I mean of course I want some but today its like I don't need it. It'll be easy today because I feel like most fasts are really hard and if I can get through this one, I don't have to fast again for another week! But this week is gonna be hardcore. Less than 500 calories everyday. In fact here's my plan. Tell me what you think?

(today) Sat: fast
Sun: 500
Mon: 400
Tues: 500
Wed: 400
Thur: 500
Sat: 400
Sun: fast

The reason I'm not fasting on Saturday is because I usually fast on Sundays plus there's just too much going on Saturdays so yeah. I'm only fasting today because I'm not going out today besides.. I NEEDED IT with all these piggy moments I've been having the past couple days :/ anyways i'll prob post something later if I feel I need something to do to keep focused but since I shouldn't be eating anything for the rest of the day, I shouldn't have anything to post ! Stay strong everyone !

Today's food log:
-1cup of orange juice
-1cup of V8 splash
-like 52709587 cups of water haha

**ohh and thanks so much to Ana's Girl for mentioning me in a blog of hers. It means a lot because her blog has always been my favorite blog. I always turn to her page for a little inspiration. And her stories are always something I can relate to. Thanks Girl !


  1. Your plan sounds great. Stick with it, darling.

    Aww i'm so flattered :)

  2. hi
    welcome to the world of blogging
    you have a great plan there and i hope you can stick to it
    and how did your fast go?
    and i also love real girl thinspo. i really hope that one day i could bee that skinny and be a real girl thinspo to someone
    stay strong

  3. oh my gosh. Today I'm at home sick. and my mom wante dme to eat something so i did. and it was 115 calories. and I got rreally hungry like two hours later so had a salad and mustard (15 calories) But I totally lost control and had choclate chips and one in a half cookies:( I feel so bad because I still have to eat dinner. I wish I could say I can't to my mom but she's been planning this and I don't want to make her feel bad:(I'm going excersise for as long as it takes though