August 20, 2009

pretty good daaay :)

Alright so today was okay. I kept myself busy going to the movies today. I also swam some laps today at my pool which was a good workout. I went shopping too :) always nice. I got a realllly cute shirt today I'm so happy. But instead of grabbing a medium, I got a small which fit a little more snug then the medium but its great inspiration to get smaller so I can feel better about wearing it without feeling like a fat pig ! LOL anyways the movies was awesome. I saw Band Slam (which, by the way, I really recommend to anyone who's into comedic love stories and great music !). I didn't feel to bad about eating a little popcorn seeing as thought it has very little calories. I also snacked on craisins which are like my favorite snack. I maybe had a little more that I should have today but in smaller amounts which is good. At least I didn't loose control ya know.. anyways thats alll for today although I'll prob have a bullion cube cuz i really crave once ! haha and only 5 calories (:

todays food log:
-chipotle (CHICKEN! little rice no beans no sour cream no guacamole little cheese)
-a little popcorn
-a little chocolate

1 comment:

  1. You're doing great. Keep a tight hold on that control.