August 19, 2009

Damn damn damn

OMG so i binged again today. wow im a fuck up. im going to the gym or the pool in a little so ill try to burn alot of it off. alright im not gonna beat myself up that much cuz it made me feel a little better. i feel good and ready to restart immedieately. i cant keep slipping up but i really have to avoid these family outings with unlimited food. its hard to resist but i guess theres no other solution for that besides forcing myself to not eat! its like when im not around food, im so focused on my future perfect body.. but then when im actually there in front of food. its hard to keep my figure in mind. hunger killllls. but its all for the better. i can do better and i know it. i did great for 2 and a half days which is good for me but im aiming for at least 4 or 5 days until ill allow myself maybe 700-800 cals then less and less. i feel like if you have something to work up to (like a little freedom) then that will help you to stay strong for more days at a time in between you know? anyways another blog lateeerr :) love you guys and stay strong with mee !

oh and fyi i at like a pig ass at olive garden for lunch :/

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