August 19, 2009


Wow I cannot believe how weak I am. I fucking binged the 3rd fucking day of my ABC diet. Really? Like seriously?? What kinda of greedy fat ass can't last for 3 days? Last night my parents took me out for dinner and as much as I told myself NOT to eat too much at all... ugh I couldn't control myself. I had 10 buffalo wings! I couldn't stop. Believe me when I got home I was sooo hard on myself I worked out hardcore for like a straight hour before going to bed. But even then I could barely sleep... I could fell the fucking food sitting in my stomach. Ew. Anyways since I don't believe in Mia (tried it once and it was hell) I REALLY need to control myself no matter what. I should have fasted today because of my miserable fail last night but again I'm going out to lunch with the family today so I'll post my food log later. Again thanks for reading ! Wish me luckk :)

today so far:
-less than half a pop-tart (90 cals)

calorie allowance: 500 or less


  1. well i think you binged cuz you were hardly eating. malnutrition always leads to a binge because ur body needs food. i know how u feel tho. i try to starve even though i know its going to lead to a binge. cuz ijust feel so fat when i do eat!

  2. Aww. It's so tough when people take you out to eat... Keep trying!