August 23, 2009

ABC - 500 calorie day

So today is a 500 calorie day and I'm doing really good. I haven't been really hungry all day cuz I've been spreading out my food sessions. I feel really good about this week so far. Yesterdays fast was fairly easy except the last couple hours of the day. I kept walking into my kitchen knowning I wasn't going to eat anything but out of habit, I kept walking in and out. But at the end of the day I felt really good about my will power against food. I just kept full on liquids and thought about how good this week would go if I could just get through today; then tomorrow. I'm taking each day at a time staying focused on the prize [a perfect body!] I even worked out hardcore yesterday. It was raining outside (pool closed) and the gym in my building was being re-done so all I could do was walk up and around the hallways of my 16 level apartment complex. Sounds easy but trust me it was difficult. I went all the way down through each floor then when I got to the bottom, I walked the stairs all the way up to my floor. I was DYING afterwards but it felt so good later and I lost about a pound this morning from my excersize combined with my fast. Anyways I'm so so SO excited because my hip bones are becoming way more defined everyday. I love to turn my body sideways a little and bending my hip up slightly to look at the bone structure. But of course I can't let that get to my head; I still have a LOT more to loose. But I AM proud of myself and it's all the more motivation to stay strong. I'm surprised with my strength so far but especially today I've had sooo many urges to just binge. I keep telling myself to wait until the end of the week to allow myself a few more calories but I'm so impatient. To be honest, one of the main reasons I have to not go food-crazy is for this blog. The hardest (not to mention the most embarrassing) thing to do when I pig out, is to have to admit what I've done on my blog. But I feel obligated to tell anyways. I couldn't lie. So at least today, that's really been keeping me strong. Besides, I love reading lovely comments from you guys and that can't happen unless I do good. And I'm proud to share my food log for today so far.

Today's food log:
-Mini popcorn bag...100 cal
-strawberry...idk like 30 cal? im rounding up just to be sure
-yogurt cup...90 cal
-skinny vanilla latte from starbucks...130 cals
total: 350 left: 150

And I'm not really hungry now I just WANT thingsss ! ahh but i wont. I promise myself. In fact im gonna look up new thinspo cuz that always helps me. ANYTHING to keep away from fooood. Even though its only been two days, I know I've been doing good and I will NOT screw this up.

Haha funny story. At the beginning of the day yesterday (my fast), I bought a reallly cute ring from claires that matched the nail polish I'd just put on yesterday. I didn't really look at the size but I got it anyways. So when I got in the car I was sooo fuckking pissed cuz when I got it on, it was soo tight and it hurt :( damned FAT FINGERS! anyways after my workout and fast yesterday I guess that really helped because when I went to try it on today I went on wayy easier. And I wear it with pride today ! haha but yeah just letting you know. haha Another reason for me to keep it up. In fact at this point, the reasons not to binge SO out-number the reasons I should.

Oh and here's a total of what I had yesterday during my fast:

-1cup of OJ.... 100 cals
-2cups of V8 splash....40 cals
-1cup of chicken broth....15 cals (and no fat !)
grand total: 155 in liquid (:

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  1. Yay! I love hip bones! And i know just what you mean about the blog being what keeps you strong; i'm the same way. You really are doing so great! And you're so strong for resisting the urge to binge. Keep it up.

    Haha. I have a ring that keeps me motivated too. I got it on my senior trip, when i was barely eating anything at all because all there was to eat was junk and i just couldn't eat it, so it's super-tight if i eat, but it fits well when i don't eat much. I'm trying to get it to be loose.