July 7, 2010

I Will Be Skinny !

"I never wanted to weigh more heavily on a man than a bird." -Coco Chanel

Words to live by. Once again Ana has pulled me back into her tight grasp. I will be fabulous. But first things first: be 120 then less. I got within 10 pounds of that before I took a long vacation from Ana but life is always more miserable with and without her. Since that is true , I choose to live with her. Life without her is nothing but FAT misery. I am fat without her. Haha but too bad fat is not an option for me anymore. This is my senior year and I do NOT want to be remembered as the average, borderline fatass girl. I won't settle for borderline fat anymore. NOPE ! I will live the life of a skinny girl no matter what (: and thats that. I'm eating nothing for the rest of the day and staying under 500 calories in solid food tomorrow and then i'll be here to update (: yeah its a step , but theres no beating around the bush. Hard-core thinspo study tonight (: yay.

sorrry for not being on for awhile, but no worries (: im back for good !

Olivia (: