March 25, 2010

reg-ish day :/

I didnt count calories today for the sake of gym. and i thought it wouldnt be so bad if I continued to eat regular afterwards. um wrong! I didnt go crazy. I should've stopped myself from eating breakfast at school this morning though. Instead of eating lunch to prepare for gym I planned to just eat breakfast. but I should have known my FAT ASS HABITS and just resisted. there was no way in HELL i shouldnt have known that I would give myself some sob story to walk my happy (fat)ass into the lunch line. FUCK i was about 133-134 this morning when I woke up :) lovely number (ugh. for me...) right? thats like a 6.5 lb weight loss :) anywaysss after all my piggish eating today im up to 136 :( and thats like a 2.5 lb gain... fuckk hopefully I poop or pee alot soon cuz this is ridic. and no DOUBT im picking up a power run later today. well run/walk. see I HATE running in the cold cuz it makes my ears hurt realllly bad for some reason. plus I ran a mile in gym today anyways so I'm already really tired... but I need it. I'm running friday after school with my boyfriend thought and thats for sure ! yesss before i partyyy it up ill feel soooo good :) anyways yeah i was planning on a hotpocket or something around dinner time to hold me over til my 2nd 500 calorie day tomorrow (i might go for 400 if im not a good enough number by tomorrow morning) buuuuut that was before I stepped onto the scale. im about done for the night. I really hate my scale btw it SUCKS its like one of those old fashioned pointer ones. my good one needs a new battery which i really need to getttt cuz im tired of not knowing my exact weight to the tenth pound. anyways thats all folks. tune in tomorrow (or later today) for Memoirs Of A Fatass Bitch!! ugh. fml.

I would tell you what I had today but i dont know the calories for anything and I dont want to disgust you with what I ate.... jk i didnt do that bad :) im just pissed i didnt lose it running a fucking MILE in p.e. wtfff. whateverrrr im half tempted to purge but its too quiet right now ...i might just go in the shower hm that sounds good ill do that. anyways thats alllll for realll lol

dayy 2 tomorrow!

love all who readddd (:
Oliviaaa xoxo

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  1. oh sweety don't worry .. srsly if i would eat a meal i would gain like 3-4lbs !! but then it goes away .. in a few days .. that's why i don't give in :) you can do it! don't let this hold you back