March 23, 2010

Gettin' there!

So after my bust over the weekend, I realized that my body needs a break from ABC. I've been thinking about a couple ways to do it over the past couple over day while doing mental ABC (mentally counting calories knowing i busted for a normal ABC calorie day. so obviously im not too serious about the calorie count i just wanna eat as little as possible until I get back on ABC for real) which is Friday. I should do it tomorrow (still might possibly/most likely will) but i just like what im doing right now. i just eat a little bit of whatever and really feel myself, you know, feel if im really hungry or not. normally the answer is no but thats a really good skill ive aquired (: obviously as mosst of you guys know, simply saying "no" to food is not that easy. but if you dig deep enough into your feelings you can feel when your stomach is not necessarily FULL but when its at content or, better yet, at ease from intense hunger. works for my you guys should try it. see if i dont count calories and I eat like that there is absolutely NO such thing as "cheat days" or messing up. Thats a nutritionally healthy way to eat by eating as little as possible and still being "healthy." Anyways the fat girl inside me likes eating that way, but the beautifully thin, skinny girl inside me tells me to do nothing but watch thinspo vids and read AnaMia blogs all night until im convinced to start ABC tomorrow :))) :( the fat girl is screaming louder right now though :/ and it really sucks.. hmm but you know what they say about talking and walking. Fatty talks the talk but the skinny bitch walks the walk. Funnny how i wanna start ABC tomorrow (: shiiiit im not eating until I cant stand it anymore. ***Oh actually I changed things up a bit. I have gym last period every other day and I've been doing really shitty since I havent been eating and Its kinda effecting my grade so Im just gonna eat a LITTLE bit of lunch on those days so I have a legit amount of energy to perform right in gym :) thats all just enough to burn off in gym. like i did todayy so yeah thats it love you all who actually read all this shiiiit! comment and folllow and what not<33 love you allll

Love Olivia :)

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  1. good work good work !
    it will all come together just exercise! and those days you eat alot .. EXERCISE i know it's hard and you wanna think oh shit i'll just eat more cause i've screwed up anywayas but don't

    get to the gym and burn at least 500cal :D helps!