March 18, 2010

End Of ABC Day Two !

Yesss :) i didnt do awesome today but i did okay. normally i like to stay a few calories below what i'mm allowed just in casee but today I had everything perfectly planned out. 500 calories exactly. buuuut last night i made the mistake of telling my boyfriend about my diet... oh goshh. now all he's doing, instead of the usual being concerned, he just tries to force me to eat here and there. it doesnt work but today he put me on the spot in front of his mom soooo bad. i had 180 calories left and it was like 5 30 and he was taking me home after we'd hung out in the shopping center by our school for a while. i planned on eating 2, 90 calorie waffles for "dinner." welllll. knowing i hadnt eaten much, (in fact i was doing PERFECT!) he asked his mom if we could go to one of his favorite restaurants before they took me home. him mom said yes as long as it was okay with me to be home a little late.. what was I gonna sayy? I couldnt say no to herrrr! fuckin cheater.. anyways I had taquitos w sour cream and guacamole :( FUCK BOYFRIENDS! anyways i drank a tonnnn of water to loosen everything up in my stomach and I purged as SOON as i got home. (close to everything i think) hope fully only about 180 calories worth or less was left :/ i wasnt even super full either which is good. I've never really purged before but I just couldnt stand the fact that i'd worked wayyyyy to hard for two whole days of ABC. and i woulllllddd fuck shit up. so i had to get rid of it. then me and my sister went on a nice semi-high paced jog and then I stretched, did some curl ups and some push ups and now im about to shower then have a nice early sleeep :) yay for me... kinda. ♥ anyways purging wasnt that bad at alllll and i'm most likely gonna try it again in the future (but i do NOT recommend it. it SUCKS! if you have to be empty just DONT EAT!! lol) anyways thanks for caring about my day if you've even read this far. love all my readersss♥ comment/follow and what not :)
muchhh lovinnn,

Food Log:
bac,egg&cheese toaster strudel - 180 cal
wheat thins - 120 cal
taquito mess - a lot of fucking calories but purged(:


dayyy threee tomorrow wish me luckk lovely girlsss


  1. wow, it's cool how ur so chill about the purging thing. did it just seem like the natural thing to do? I've tried a lot of times when i'm freaking out about something i've just eaten, and i've even gotten my fingers pretty fucking far down, but i just don't have gag reflexes! was there some special trick to doing it? i know i just sound like a wanabulimic lol but i know you know the feeling of panic that sets in after you deeply regret eating something.
    congratulations on ur day! ur doing great! keep going strong and you'll make it to day 50 in no time!
    <3 Ann