March 17, 2010

Yesss Day 1 of ABC almost complete!

So its about 3:15pm and I'm just watching Thinspo vids on youtube and getting in a quick blog before I start my homework :/ bleh. Im sooo so happy that today's almost done for my first day of ABC again :) Ive only had like 310 so I have a little more room for error but I dont plan on eating any more today. Just drinking lots of water. I was really weak this morning though and I drank my coffee on the way to school and all that did was make me nauseas and weak... yay. well by the time I had to take a very important writing exam I was finally feeling better :) and I've felt soo energetic all today. I normally do shiity in pe when I dont eat lunch but today I ran a mile very easily. Oh yeah! another thing.. i totally but barely resisted lunch today :) well im not gonna say barely. this is what happened: i wasnt gonna even look at what ws for lunch for fear that i would be tempted into buying it. well i decided some fat free milk wouldnt be too many calories so i decided to get some. the only thing i dont like about the lunch system at my school is tht you cant just but individual things. you have to buy a whole meal with sides and shit to get the one thing you want. I didnt reallt care. I really wanted a milk to i told my sister and my friends that they could have everything i buy i just want the milk and they were like okay so i did. it was sooo hard though. it was chinese flavored chicken and rice... MY FAVORITE i even said i would just have the smallest peice just for the taste. actually i was only considering it because i promised myself i wouldnt eat anything, not matter how little it was so i could keep track of my calorie intake 100% so i didnt eat it after all :) there was also that chance that after tasting how good it was I would just KEEP eating! like the fat girl i am! haha another funny story like i said i ran a mile today. whenever i even thought about stopping i kept repeating in my head "run fat girl run!" nd just feeling my ass jiggle with every stride that i said that just made me go faster. i really dont like running but today it was refreshing. it was like every step i took i was running away from my fat self! kinda. i got back in the locker room and i was still just as fat :/ anyways thats all i really wanted to share about my day ! im soo happy i have 180 calories left i think thats about as much a pack of ramen so i think i'll just eat that at around 6 o clock and be done, if i can get my fatass outside and run before 6 that would be a great snack then I can shower, chill and watch a movie then go to bed early :) sounds awesome! well thanks for reading (if you even read this far lol) food log then pc outt maybe ill post once more before beddd.

much love Anas<3

Food Log:
coffee w sugar free sweetener - 0 cal
plain waffle - 90 cal
2 mints & a slice of gum - 10 cal
cup of fat free milk - 90 cal
3 triscuits and a slice of american cheese - 120 cal

total : 310 cal

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  1. congrats on such a great day! your going to kick ass on the abc.
    what kind of ramen do you get? mine are all so high calorie, like 370 per package, or do you just eat an actual one serving(half package) at a time?im not strong enough to resist eating an entire package in one sitting lol. i loooove ramen!(my favorite was curry chicken but i think it was discontinued so i stuck with roasted chicken flavor)
    stay strong