March 2, 2010

Summers Coming Soon. Lets Do Thiss !

Wow ! 53 followers :) why thank you. i love seeing you guys follow because it means im not in this alone. I know others share the same amazingly insane obsession to be skinny. I will be. No matter what. Every year of my life i vow to get skinny for summer (and beyond) and this is my year. Starting now, the middle of winter, I'm training HARDCORE non-stop until im thin. This year, I won't be the girl watching in jealousy as i compare all the other girls in bikinis and noticing how im fatter than all of them. I wont be the one imagining how happy they must be to not have a care in the world. At least not when it comes to her body. I refuse to be the girl who has to be conscious of which way I turn or move my body so that the least amount of fat is noticible. I wont. Becuase I'll be her. I'll either be her, or die trying because I'm sick and tired of being a fat 140+ bitch. And I dont want you guys to worry or mistake this sudden determination for potential self distruction. I wont literally "die trying" --or at least I hope not. I just have a purpose and being the stubborn and will-powered person I am, I will do this! Who's With Me? All Pro-Ana girls; We all now have a purpose. Besides being skinny in general. Lets not wait for the last minute of spring to unsuccessfully attempt to get skinny for summer because we all know it never works. Lets start now !


  1. ive been starting for about a week now and there is already a difference! :) lets do this! ill post pics of my progress

  2. Oh my god I COMPLETELY understand your feelings, I feel exactly the same and I have started training as well. Its finals week so I kind of stumbled into a stress induced binge and purge of Chinese food, but you are totally right!!! NO MORE being the fat beluga in a bikini!!! I want to be thin and sexy and perfect with you!!! We can do this!!!