March 13, 2010


This is just a short post. Ate nothing yesterday after my last post yay (: its 12:01 pm and I havent eaten anything so far today. Im planning on fasting today but if not i'll stay under 500 calories. Not saying I cant fast for a day because I know I can... by myself but I'm going to the mall with my boyfriend today then possibly back to his house and I know hes gonna wanna get something to eat. Ill probably just go with the excuse that I dont feel good. Headache, stomach hurts, you know. But if he doesnt by it ill just eat a couple bites but im avoiding that scenario at all costs. Thats all :) Comment and Follow and such<3



  1. i like the idea of the ABC diet .. how does it work? is there any special reason for why you have x calories on this day and x on this day? :)