March 4, 2010

Oh My..

Well today was a shitty day.. all i did was eat. Fuck. Obviously im not giving up. It always takes me a couple days to get back into good eating habits. Thats why i'm not too pissed. But once i've got the feel of things again I can literally fast for daysss (or a solid foods fast with only beverages allowed). But that probably wont be until after this weekend because im taking my boyfriend to my grandparents house in Richmond over the weekend and all those people do is eat ! And as much as I could try to starve, with the possibility that I could actually succeed, I don't need my sister, and my Nana, AND my boyfriend on my back. But hey I have TONS of homework and I have to pack for this weeekend so this is one of my shorter posts.. lol even though its still pretty long, so ill try to post tomorrow or sometime this weekend but idk cuz I dont want anyone going through my browsing history over there. That would suck. Kbyeee!

Think Thin Lovelyss,

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