March 24, 2010

Good First Day of ABC

so tomorrow I have gym and im still not sure whether i wanna push through the fatigue as long as I keep up ABC or should I skip ABC tomorrow and just a little lunch right before gym and have that be all I eat for the day. I'm pretty sure I wont bust 500 calories if I eat just a little bit of the school lunch I just hate not knowing for sure what my EXACT calorie intake is! it drives me crazy lol. And the last option is to just skip ABC completely tomorrow and everyday I have that class and just eat as little as possible. IDK im just reallllly worried about spring break. Theres gonna be sooo many things going on around me. Im going to a party I cant even drink at just because of the calories or the alcohol. fml. anyways i guess ill just smoke and not munchh :) yeeeaass that sounds good..ish. anyways thats all today was really good. its about 3:30 pm and ive had a total of 310 calories which means 190 left. eh fair enough I'll just eat a toaster strudel (180) then go for a walk. I would go for a run but im feeling really weak today. I swear I will tomorrow (: anyways im back down to 135 ! yesss hopefully I can break 130 by friday night or saturday morning. that would be really niceee. soo thats about it in my world. spending the weekend at my food-loving boyfriends house... then another couple days with my food-loving grandmother with my food-loving sister. God (and of course Ana) pleeeeease give me strength. ohhh how badly I wanna be thiiiin ! Love you all and thanks to you all who readdd this :) comment & follooow <3

Food Log : ABC Day 1
waffle - 90 calories
2 plain rice cakes - 80 calories
wheat thins - 140 calories
water and diet siera mist - 0 calories
total : 310 calories

Much Loveee to all,


  1. i would love it if we had waffles that are 90cal here ! there is no such thing hehe
    so easy to eat few calories if I lived in the states!

    anyways about the gym thing .. you should do you calories this way .. you have 500 tomorrow and your biggest meal should be before gym (about a half an hour before) that way you have energy when you go to the gym :D
    so i would say like 200? toast or something, bagle with ham?
    something filling so you won't faint and you'll have a lot of energy!

  2. you're doing so good! congrats! keep it up. i think that if you have gym, you should eat a little something. you can't be passing out in front of people! plus, you'll probably burn most of it off, you know? just make sure you don't binge like i tend to do when i allow myself to eat unplanned. hang in there and stay strong. you can do this! =]