April 4, 2010


So yeah. Of course its not a surprise that I didn't stick to ABC during spring break like I promised myself I would. Although, I should have known that I would fuck up at least ONCE with the people I was around. However, either I didn't screw up as bad as I thought, or my old scale was a piece of shiiiit. You see, I ate pretty much normally during the past week. I only slept at my own house only once during the break.. Can you believe that?! It was great to be away from home; Away from my mother and her horrid parenting. How lovely the atmosphere was. I mostly stayed with my boyfriend, my Nana, my sister and my bestfriend. The people that I love the most... also happen to be the people that EAT the most. joyyyy. anyways when I say I ate normally that pretty much just means I didn't go over the top. Even when I started eating wayyy more that ABC would ever allow im prettty sure I never exceeded 1500-2000 calories. Plus I got tons of excercising done being outdoors. playing basketball and other sports with my boyfriend as well as going on long walks and exploring woods with him :) fun fun fun chomp chomp chomp fat fat FAT ! i got a battery for my digital scale during break and first thing I did when I got home is set it and hopped right on. Im kinda glad my old scale was a piece of shit because now I can appreciate my REAL weight which is ***drumroll please***........134.5 :) yay me! not an awesome weight for me but I'm happy that I've maintained that through all my gluttony the past week. Now that I'm actually starting ABC again, I can lose a buncha pounds and hopefully be at most, 130 by the end of the coming week. 130 ! Thats only 10 pounds from 120 which is my first ultimate goal. Not saying 10 pounds isnt alot but 140 was just ridiculous and I've already lost 5.5 pounds since I got serious about losing this horrible weight. GREAT SUMMER BOD: HERE I COME :)))) i hope... wish my luck. no school tomorrow so I hope to stay under 500, then PE on tuesday so nothing but lunch at school for energy, then nothing elseee for the rest of the day. Then I'll just do ABC about every other day (skipping days I have PE for just school lunch). Sounds good to me. I havent eaten anything much today so maybe a bowl of something soft like oatmeal (you know. something easy for my body to break down) then obviously a walk with my sister on this BEAUTIFUL EASTER DAY :) GOD BLESS! Haappy Easter everyone !

PS. Thanks MOM for calling me a selfish bitch and saying "fuck you" to me this morning and almost ruining my day ! Good thing I have self-respect enough to not let you :) JUST WAIT til my 18th birthday next yearrr. You wont even see me that day. You'll never see me again :) LOVEEE YOUUUU...not. (sorrrry for the vent. trust me, it was necessary and made me feel a lot better!)

Much love Ana's

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