April 24, 2010

Still On My Game

I know it's been awhile but, unlike all the other times I leave for a ahwhile, I've been doing better than ever. Ana's been kinda quite recently but shes still that conscious little voice in the back of my head telling me what and when to eat. Maybe its better this way. It like shes hard-wired into my brain rather than stressing me out daily. I'm not so worried about what I eat lately. It's just been second nature. I must admit I haven't been counting calories, but I really don't need to. You see, I was counting calories on unhealthy foods that I wanted and were within my certain calorie limit for the day but most of the foods that I wanted were horrible, fat-infested foods that, by the grace of God, were somehow reasonable under 500 calories of so. So now what? Well, I've talked to my mom about wanting to go on a healthy diet. Me and my sister picked out a full cart-full of nothing but heathy foods. Veggies, fruits, low-fat yogurts, salad and low fat dressings, etc. Now I can eat a little more but I'm losing weight better than ever and I've been sticking to it for weeks now. I eat something really small about every 3 hours (i try to prolong it) but then I have to work out for at least an hour everyday. For example, today. I got up around 10:00am and had breakfast around 10:30am (small bowl of cereal), then went for a high-energy, hour long walk all around my neighborhood. then ate again at 1:30pm (banana), and I'm going to eat again around 4:30 maybe 5:00 just so that I dont eat my last meal of the day too late you know? because i don't eat after 6:00 and my next chance to eat would be around 7:30.

The key is to eat in moderation. You eat very little servings of HEALTHY, LOW SUGAR, FAT FREE/LOW FAT (key word: healhy) foods every few hours. I'm not really gonna starve anymore. Thats kinda pointless. All it does is lower your metabolism so that every time you binge or ANYTHING, your body will show it because your metabolism wont take care of it. Food is almost like insurance, if you will. You pay money every once in a while and its gonna be there for you when something bad happens. Food speeds up your metabolism and if you don't eat too much it'll be just enough to burn away any food you already ate. I know its really confusing but not eating gets me nowhere. It works so well for me :) I even saw 131.5 recently and still losing!!

Wish Me Luck and always STAY STRONG skinnies♥ xoxo

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  1. Picking out a cart-full of healthy foods sounds like a dream come true. And you sound like you're doing quite well in a HEALTHY manner. I'm loving it. Keep up your good work, darling.