April 8, 2010


I got really sick yesterday, mid-day. I think its because I was a little too close to my sister than I should have been. She was sick in the morning but, bless her heart, she came to school anyways. I was feeling really sick later that day and I both of us called in sick from school today. We were both just really nauseous and weak. The one thing I LOVE about nausea, as all of you know, It makes you loathe the very thought of food. I havent eaten a scrap of food all day :) also, i didn't eat anything after like 6 yesterday so i'm feeling very empty and loving it ! I don't plan on eating anything tomorrow either. Mostly because I'm tanning with my boyfriend and who wants to look at a bloated-bellied girlfriend..... no one. However, I think I'm spending the night at his house so I'm most likely gonna end up eating. I'll try to resist until dinner when ill undoubtabley be forced to eat. Ill just pick at it until everyone else is done. Sounds good. I love the feeling of food as the enemy and that's what its been like for the past 24 hours :) ughhh im still kinda sick and i reallllly dont feel like typing right now so i'll give a more detailed post tomorrow. All im having til after school tomorrow it waterr ! wish me luck !
stay strong and think thin<3

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  1. you can also just say you still feel a bit sick and nauseous :)

    feel better soon! your doing great :D