September 14, 2009

Temptations, Laxatives & more Temptations

So today didn't really go as planned but it wasn't exactly a fail. I'm about to start cheering again soon so I'm gonna have to start eating a little more so I don't pass out as every practice. Im even thinking of doubling calorie amounts for each day of ABC.. maybe not quite that much but something more than what I'm eating right now because exercising combined with the few calories I eat a day are NOT enough for me to get by. Ana will lead the way. I normally just use her judgement went I don't exactly have a set calorie amount for the day and it usually works. Oh yeah so today I ate at school :/ not too much though just those cheese stick things and marinara sause. I'm going out for a long walk in a little though because it is WAY to hot outside to run so yeahh. But I did pop a laxative so I should be good by the end of the day. I took one last night because I overloaded on cheetos..... not a good idea. There was hell to pay at school today. NOT the best place to be when your laxatives start kicking in. They work but damnn do they hurt like a bitch ! So yeah I took one like an hour ago and hopefully they kick in before I fall asleep so I'm not running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Anyways yeah so I had lunch at school and then I popped a lax then I had more cheetos and a bowl of cereal that will all hopefully be gone. I know I said I was going to continue ABC today but I dont like when I don't track calories especially when I use lax's (which Im not gonna use during the week anymore unless its an emergency !) so I'm not gonna count today and I'm staying under 100 calories tomorrow all day. Hopefully I wont be a fat pig and resist lunch. Thats why I hate when my mom puts money on my lunch number. Its sooo hard to resist food when you know you can buy it !! But I can do it. I know I can !


  1. Stay strong, hunny! Resist that lunch! You've come too far to take orders from cafeteria food.

  2. Hi I'm new to Pro-Ana blogging and I haven't met anyone yet.
    I love your blog & goodluck with the ABC.