September 9, 2009

ABC day two and second day of school :)

Okay so yesterday, besides starting ABC, it was also the first day of my junior my new school. I didn't mention this but just before summer I moved away from all my friends of 16 years ! I guess its not too bad considering that I only moved 20-30 minutes away but its still hard not being with all my really close friends like I'm used to and like I've done since elementary school. Yesterday was awful. I didn't know anyone and the only people that talked to me were perverted black guys that just wanted to fuck with the new girl. Grosss ! But I've always had great confidence so its not like it put me down or anything it was just annoying. I mean I met SOME girls in the locker room when the were assigning gym lockers but i forgot all their names and they're weren't in my class and I didn't see them for the rest of the day. Ugh fmlll ! but today was much much better. I've always hung out with the cheerleaders seeing as though I cheered at my old school. But I missed tryouts for my new school because I didn't even know which school I was going to for sure so I didn't bother asking. But there were three cheerleaders in my English class and one of them recognized me from facebook and her and her friends approached me and asked me if i was doing second tryouts... SECOND TRYOUTS !!! (: another shot to fit into a familiar group of people while doing something I love. It was a dream come true. So my moms gonna call the head coach in a little bit and set up an tryout date for me and my sister :) YAYAY ! anyways I was so happy when they asked me to sit with them at lunch and we just hit it off. We walked to the next class together and everything :) pretty good for just a second day huuuh? (: anyways enough about my social life... ABC day one went great and today is going as planned with a total of only 85 calories so far and its already 4:30 pm ! yess ! heres a list of what I had yesterday (since I didn't have a chance to post) and today so far.

Yesterday's food log: allowance – 500 calories

- coffee...35 cals

- spinach...30 cals

- popcorn...75 cals

- banana...120 cals

- toaster strudel...190 cals

- Xtreme airheads roll...25 cals

total: 475 calories (:

Today's food log so far: allowance – 500 calories

- 2 pieces of gum...10 cals

- popcorn...80 cals

- strawberry shortcake ice cream...160 cals

total: 250 calories

So yeah I'm not even hungry so today will be a breeze :) tomorrows a 300 calorie day so it'll be a little more difficult but not by much. Anything for my perfect bod ! I can already see a changeee PICS LATER! stay strong beautiess !


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  1. ur doing awesome girl, keep it up. some girls would kill for the strength and resistence u have