September 10, 2009


hey if you read my blog please don't forget to follow. I love the comments and support and the more the better so keep em coming ! i promise to comment back (: anyways i have a great story. yesterday I was counting up calorie my total calories for the day so far and I was at 250... pretty good for a 500 calorie day and it was like 8:00 at night. Anyways so without thinking whether I was really hungry or not I go to the kitchen to get a banana. So less than halfway through the banana I can't take it anymore ! I felt like such a fat ass eating it all alone in the kitchen. I wasn't even hungry.. I was thinking it was just the banana I wasn't in the mood for but looking around my kitchen for something else I realized I just didn't have a craving for anything. And to my amazement, I THREW THE BANANA AWAY ! that was the first time I'd ever thrown something away after I'd allowed myself to have the whole thing and even after I'd tasted it. After a certain point in ABC the hunger and craving just disappear. Now all today the only reason I ate was just to live. Food has been just nauseating to me recently and I like it (: yesterday I ended with a great 310 calories on a 500 calorie day. I was really happy ! Anyways hopefully I'll post again later but here's my food log for today so far.

Todays food log:
-2 pieces of gum & a mint...15 cals
-strawberry shortcake...160 cals

total: 175 calories

todays a 300 calorie day sooo i think I'm doing good for almost 6:00 pm ? but yeah thats all (:

ps. i think im gonna post some thinspo later for you guys & of course myselfff



  1. Wow you're so strong!!! I'm jealous. Keep it up; keep me jealous. Lol.

  2. great job girl! i was starting to feel the same way two weeks ago lol. but this week i got rid of ana and now food doesnt make me sick, unless i eat a bit.

  3. you are so strong! good job!