September 13, 2009

Making Some Changes

Heey guys. So heres the deal: I decided that I'm gonna alter my ABC plan just a little so that I follow loyally every five days then the weekends are for me to stay under 800 calories. Why? because I don't think I can handle all 50 days straight yet. I woke up Saturday morning with absolutely NO energy. I could barely walk into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. I felt like I was going to die ! It would be different if it was a 500 calorie day or something but I was only allowed 100 calories. To be honest, I could have done it but I felt like I was gonna pass out and I had a lot to that day, so its not like I binged. I knew what I was doing when I had breakfast. I had a single toaster strudel that blew all my calories for the day but I knew I needed more to survive. So I ate kinda normal that day but not insane. (Oh and btw I cut out soda and most meat out of my diet.. too many calories.) I feel like I failed Ana but I know she's still with me. She'll always be with me. So yeah this weekend was under 800 each day and tomorrow starts back with ABC that you can see posted on the left side bar. 100 calories and not a bite over. I will be skinny. Until then im sticking to ABC and on the weekends laxatives are my best friends. wish me luck and tell me what you think about my changes ?? Stay strong girls :) :)


ohh and I can definitely see the beautiful things Ana's done so far. Ribs are almost here !! Pictures sooon. Thanks Ana iloveyou

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  1. I do something like that. I think it's a good plan. It's also hard on weekends since there's usually more socialization. I have Fri and Sat as "high calorie" days, where I try not to bash myself if I go overboard. Then the rest of the week I try to stay as low as possible. (ABC is still too hard for me. I get tired too fast because of all my other health probs.)

    They say zigzagging your diet like that actually helps you lose weight faster! There's nothing wrong with eating some as long as its not binging.