December 22, 2009

I Knew I'd Be Back... And So Did Ana

I can't even begin to put into words hoe guilty I feel for leaving Ana behind for MONTHS! What the hell is wrong with me?! Ugh I've turned into a FAT pig. Like fattt! Since we moved here in May we still haven't completely unpacked so my scale has yet to be found so I currently have no scale at my mothers house... great. I guess I'll just have to post pictures of my so-called progress along the way. Yupp, Thats Right! I'm back and hopefully with support from my followers and a big push from Ana I'll be thin in no time. I can't believe I was gone for so long!! So much has changed (im talking good changes so obviously we're not talking about my body anymore...) I now have a wonderful boyfriend :) who loves me for me. He's one of the many reasons I've come back to Ana I wanna be the PERFECT girlfriend and the way I look is a HUGE contribution. He always tells me "your so perfect blah blah blah your not fat babe" ARE YOU BLIND??! ugh godd i love him. anywaysss another thing thats happened is I finallllly lost my virginityyyy ! woohoo :) to him of course. Haha about two weeks ago. December 9th. A day I'll never forget. (: Im thinking 16 was a good year to lose it right? Lol and hmm my new schools kept me busy which is probably another reason I've neglected my blog for some time :/ but its all good I love my new schoollll. Wayyy better than my old school thats for sure. The people are so chilll and easy tto get along with :) so my social lifes great!

The only things I have to work on are my grades and, of course... my stupid body.. Its really soon to start ABC but I'll start it soon i promise. It's just, Im not used to cutting back yet so I'm gonna take a week or some to just cut down less and less until im ready to stick to less than 500 calories daily. Starting tomorrow I'm going back to posting my daily food log. Also, I think im done with food for the rest of the day so I'm gonna take time to dig through moving boxes in my basement for my fuckinggg scale !

I'm so happpy to be back! :) wish me luck. Haha (and although I'm definitely not one to talk..) STAY STRONG EVERYONE. with some hard work, a beautiful thin you is ahead for all of youu !

-oliviaaa ! xoxo


  1. good luck! its great to hear from you , i went through my blogs today , erasing whatever hasnt been updated in a few months and im glad i didnt erase yours. its always kinda frightening when girls leave here for a while, the bad things always pop into my head first.(heart attack,icu,hospitals,blah blah blah) good to hear your doing alright.

    stay strong,

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're back AND that you found an amazing boyfriend who you love. I lost my virginity at 16 too, only to the totally wrong guy, someone who didn't love me and i don't believe i ever truly loved either. I don't regret having sex with anyone except him because i know i've loved everyone else. (Wow, i sound like a whore... i'm not, i swear). As long as you love him, you're good to go. :) I'm so happy that everything's going well for you. Stay strong, and you're gunna be even better!