December 26, 2009

Movies With The Boyfriend...... fail.

So I guess I did decent today. I really did try to fast. And I did for as long as I could. Til about 4 0' clock. My mom decided she wanted breakfast for dinner. Then, my sister overheard and being the nice person that I always am (and since neither of them ever do it) I cooked them I nice big meal after taking each of their orders. I swear my sister kills me in more ways than one.... after making her that nice big meal and bring it to her in MY room where she was using MY computer... all she said is "Oh My God ! This is so much food I know you dont expect me to eat this all" fuck her. So as I sit in my room after having controlled myself while making the food the whole time, she didn't touch it. I could smell it from across the room even with my head turned the opposite direction. Eventually it became virtually impossible for me to control my hand from swiping a slice of bacon from her untouched plate.. and another... and a piece of toast... or two... and some cheesy scrambled eggs... and juice. WTF but when I say I only had some I mean it. I tried to take only a taste of each thing so Im sure I stayed under 500 calories if not that. Then me and my boyfriend went to the movies tonight and he bought us popcorn and a drink which I had my fair share of... I'm just worried about the soda calories more than the popcorn because I know popcorn is very low on calories but hopefully under 1000 calssss. Idk but damn what I rant. So I had a great night with my stupid, junkfood-buying boyfriend but for some reason I'm suddenly in a super shitty mood. probably cuz Im not gonna see him til new yearsss eve :/ ugh so im gonna stop here hopefully i'll do better tomorrow which would put me in a greattt mood. The best part of my day was fasting until late afternoon which proves that I can definitely last a whole day. Shitttt being skinny is hard workkk ! Hahah but I guess no one ever said it was easy... but who cares. I'll do anythingggg to be at least 110-120 lbs or lessss! 20 lbs away lets goo ! (:

-livvvvvvvv ox


  1. he girlie. Sounds like ur doing great:) what are ur stats.

  2. Eating always puts me in a shitty mood; you'll do better tomorrow and feel better too. Look out world, here comes a skinny livvy! :)